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We offer a variety of benefits in each Membership throughout all aspects of our businesses.

Vendors: (Basic, Semi-Pro, Pro & VIP) Become more successful with our helpful tips & tricks. Allow us to help guide you to become a better vendor and us better planners by being about to educate and keep all your information in one spot for easy access and flow through the event processes.

Event Planners: (Event Planners) Allow us to help you navigate the planning world and make it easy.

Choose Your Membership

  • Basic

    Every month
    Event List Only
    • Event Listings
  • Semi-Pro

    Every month
    Perfect For The Seasoned Vendor
    Valid for 2 months
    • Priority Event Registration (after VIP & Pro)
    • Priority Booth Location (after VIP & Pro)
    • Event Check List
    • Event Listings
  • Special Pricing


    Every month
    Perfect For Newbies
    Valid for 6 months
    • Priority Event Registration (after VIP)
    • Priority Booth Location (after VIP)
    • No Event Registration Late Fees
    • One on One Help Bookings
    • Informational Learnings
    • Event Checklist
    • Event Listings
  • VIP

    Every month
    Full Access
    Valid for 12 months
    • No Event Registration Late Fees
    • One on One Help Bookings
    • Priority Event Registration
    • Discounted Booth Fees*
    • Informational Learnings
    • Priority Booth Location
    • Booth Layout Designs
    • Event Checklists
    • Event Listings
  • Event Planners

    Every month
    Event Planners ONLY
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to Booking Services

Plans are charged Monthly. Please double check the plan you select for amount of reoccuring payments. Once reoccuring membership timeframe expires, you will need to repurchase a membership for access.

Read the descriptions carefully, as we can not cancel/refund your choices. Payments will reoccur until "Valid for" time has been reached.

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