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New Membership Area

Includes Tips on How To Be A Better Vendor, Booth Designs, Event Checklists, Booth Discounts* AND One On One Help Bookings! Membership Area, will have a small monthly fee, per package.

2022 Local Events 
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Krafty Jewels Events 

Is Krafty Jewels the same as Krafty Jewels Events?
No. Krafty Jewels is a Boutique, started in 2013. Krafty Jewels Events was started because there was something lacking in the event planning world around Modesto. While they are both owned by the same person, they are completely unrelated. Make sure you use the right payment method, for this reason. Need a different way to pay, please ask-- We have quite a few options available.
Do We Limit Vendors?
Yes. We limit similar items that businesses sell. If you sell an item, that we already have a vendor selling, you will be asked not to bring those specific items, if you sell other things not related. We also limit to one business per person, as we want the patrons to have your attention while in your booth, and not have to go looking for you somewhere else.
Require Sellers Permits?
Yes, if you do not have a business license. California requires a sellers permit for selling anything Tangible. We will not be liable for any fees incurred if you do not.
Do We Allow Helpers?
Yes. You can a bring helper or two. Please keep in mind, we will not supply extra seats (if available), and they are to be IN/Behind your booth if they are staying and not infringe upon other booth spaces-this includes children.
Is a Paid Membership Required?
No. We are working on a membership section to help everyone become better vendors, with tips, suggestion, online & in-person help, and even some business resources we recommend! Some of the memberships include priority registration and even allow for booth discounts if available. These are only available to Paid Members.
Is this our first event hosting?
No Way! While we are small, we have been hosting/co-hosting since 2015, in and around Modesto & Ceres.
How we advertise?
While we Do Require each vendor to advertise their own business (you know it best) and the event itself; we post Many times on social media, and on local area websites. In the past, we would spend so much money on advertising in the newspapers, but to no avail. We typically have many signs/banners posted on the event day, and if location allows, weeks leading up to the event.
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